Hi, I'm Belle

Life always puts you where you need to be; and after the work is done, in the most blissful state, in your grace.

I have always been intrigued with the human mind and it’s triggering of human behavior. The fascination of the mind, and the deep empathy I felt since I could remember, drew me into an undergraduate degree in psychology. Later, to a graduate degree in Mental Health Therapy. After graduation, I practiced with individuals with substance abuse and psychiatric issues for almost 2 years. Unfortunately, my life personal life was coming into a dramatic change. I was getting a divorce. The responsibilities of being a single mom of three children pulled me away from social/community work. I was able to obtain a job in the corporate world which developed me professionally and gave me the foundation I needed to feel safe and grounded. After 10+ years in hospital administration, a new marriage and a new baby, I started evaluating life again. I was not fulfilled. Everything on paper was great. Yet, my heart, was not happy. I felt that my career was not aligning with my purpose. After almost 2 years of contemplation, I decided to say goodbye and take a leap of faith into the things that pulled on my heart, meditation, yoga, helping others. I didn’t know what I was going to do exactly. All I knew was that my heart was happy. It felt right.

After a year of additional study and research on mind and body, one day it just hit me. In order to help individuals completely, incorporating the mind, the body and the sanctity of life needs to be part of the program. Hence, I came back to mental health. This time however, in a different way. I believe that just treating the mind is only treating the immediate problem and not the whole. A conscious lifestyle on how we treat our bodies, our thoughts and belief systems is what determines our overall wellbeing.

Personally, I needed to understand the complete concept of the overall wellbeing in order to share it with others. When I did, life brought me back to where I am supposed to be. Living in grace, helping others.

Let yoga practice embrace you in all levels transforming you day by day with patience and love… letting go the old and open up to new Benefit of practice with Meraki Belle.

  • Strong Body

  • Balance Emotions

  • Awareness

  • Flexible Mind

  • Intuition

  • Deep sense of divine connection


    Yoga. Meditation. Elemental Therapies